Wednesday, January 5, 2022 National Days: National Whipped Cream Day and National Bird Day

January 5 National Days Are:
• National Bird Day, National Keto Day, National Screenwriters Day and National Whipped Cream Day

January 5 National Day We Celebrated:
• National Whipped Cream Day and National Bird Day

National Bird Day – Blue Jay Earrings
I ordered Blue Jay earrings from GreenTreeJewelry on Etsy. Their website is I can’t wait to wear them. They are even better in person than online. I really love them and will definitely buy other things from this website. #Bird Day
National Bird Day – Feeding our Birds
We have a squirrel buster bird feeder so the squirrels can’t eat all the bird seed on the birds. The weight of squirrels and other pests instantly shuts off access to food. They’re beaten every single time – saving your precious seed for the birds.You can buy it at any hardware store, garden centre or amazon.

We celebrated national bird day by feeding the birds. We have seen house sparrows, mourning doves, cardinals, blue jays, European starlings, common grackles, purple finches, house finches, common red poll; and lately we get dark-eyed junco, at our feeder. #Bird Day
National Whipped Cream Day – Mikey’s Cream Pies
We found an amazing bake shop, Mikey’s Cream Pies. It is located at 775 Barton Street East, Hamilton, Ontario at 905-545-3777. Mikey’s website is We purchased a Cookies-N-Cream Pie. This is the description of the pie: Cream cheese and real whipped cream blended together for a light airy filling with chopped Oreos in an Oreo crust.. Topped with real whipped cream and Oreo garnish. The pie we ate was sweet and delicious. I would highly recommend trying a pie from Mikey’s. I found this pie a little too sweet for me but everybody really liked it. I can’t wait to try other pies from here. #Whipped Cream Day
National Bird Day – Rio The Movie
National Bird Day gave us an excuse to watch Rio The Movie. We watched it on Disney Plus. This movie has a lot of positive messages about believing in yourself and helping others. Can’t wait to watch Rio 2 which is also on Disney Plus. Disney Plus website is #Bird Day

Let’s see what tomorrow’s adventure will be…

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