Saturday, January 8, 2022 National Days: National JoyGerm Day, National Argyle Day, National Bubble Bath Day, National English Toffee Day and National Winter Ski Relief Day

January 8 National Days Are:
• National Argyle Day, National Bubble Bath Day, National English Toffee Day, National JoyGerm Day, National Winter Skin Relief Day and National Vision Board Day (Second Saturday in January)

January 8 National Days We Celebrated:
• National JoyGerm, Argyle, Bubble Bath, English Toffee and Winter Skin Relief Day

National JoyGerm Day – Listening to some bombastic tunes
This day, we celebrated JoyGerm day by playing some bombastic tunes. Some of the collection we played was No Doubt, Ed Sheeran, Katrina and The Waves. We already own these records, so it did not cost us a thing. All of the songs had a positive vibe to them which in turn gave an infectious bliss. It was quite the elevated energetic day. #JoyGerm Day
National Argyle Day – Argyle Dog Sweater from PAWCHE on Amazon
Here you will see our dog Josephine (Joey for short) in her new argyle sweater. I love grey and pink together. This should keep her cozy in the bitter weather that we are having. I purchased it from PAWCHIE on Amazon #Argyle Day
National Bubble Bath Day – Dove bubble bath glowing care mango & almond
Since today is bubble bath day, I took the time to have a bubble bath. I used Dove Nourishing Secrets Bubble Bath (Mango & Almond Butter). It makes your body so smooth and smells so good. Very enchanting pleasure. You can purchase this bubble bath at any drug store or department store. Give it a try as you will not be disappointed. #Bubble Bath Day
National English Toffee Day – Purdys English Toffee
We have never had English Toffee before and it was not easy to find. Purdy’s sell it in different portion sizes so we decided to try the smallest size to give it a try. This is the description that Purdy’s gives: A mind-blowing combo of flavours and textures: crunchy (but not hard) toffee coated in milk chocolate and hand-rolled in perfectly roasted almonds. It was OK and I am happy I tried it. #English Toffee Day
National Winter Skin Relief Day – Nivea Q10 Power Anti-wrinkle SPF 30 & Firming moisturizer (1 for day and 1 for night)
For National Winter Skin Relief Day, I decided that it would also be a good time to purchase anti-wrinkle cream. My mom highly recommended using cream; on your face, every day. She had beautiful skin her entire life. It was remarkable, but she didn’t have any wrinkles. I chose to use Nivea Q10 Power Anti-wrinkle SPF 30 + Firming Moisturizer. This Anti-Aging Cream Fights Fine Lines and Wrinkles, SPF Face Moisturizer Protects Skin. You will be able to find this at any drug store or department store. #Winter Skin Relief Day

Let’s see what tomorrow’s adventure will be…

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