Tuesday, January 11, 2022 National Days: National Arkansas Day and National Milk Day

January 11 National Days Are:
• National Arkansas Day, National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, National Milk Day, National Step In A Puddle Day And Splash With Your Friends Day and Shop For Travel Day (Second Tuesday in January)

January 11 National Days We Celebrated:
• National Arkansas And Milk Day

National Milk Day – Neilson Joyya Chocolate Milk
I looked for milk with the least amount of sugar to celebrate National Milk Day. I drank Joyya Chocolate Dairy Beverage. It is made with ultrafiltered partly skimmed milk. Why not drink chocolate milk to make it a little more exciting. The milk was purchased at Fortinos. There website is https://www.fortinos.ca/. #Milk Day
National Arkansas Day – Minari Movie
For National Arkansas Day, we watched the movie Minari on Prime Video https://www.primevideo.com/. The movie is about a Korean-American family’s move from California to an Arkansas farm in the 1980s in search of their own American dream. It was quite enjoyable. Loved the grandma (Soonja) and her relationship with her grandson (David). #Arkansas Day

Let’s see what tomorrow’s adventure will be…

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