Thursday, January 20, 2022 National Days: National Buttercrunch Day, National Cheese Lovers Day and National Disc Jockey Day

January 20 National Days Are:
• National Buttercrunch Day, National Cheese Lovers Day, National Disc Jockey Day and Get To Know Your Customers Day (Third Thursday Of Each Quarter)

January 20 National Days We Celebrated:
• National Buttercrunch, Cheese Lovers and Disc Jockey Day

National Buttercrunch Day – The Gourmet Warehouse Almond Butter Crunch
I ordered almond butter crunch from The Gourmet Warehouse as I could not find buttercrunch anywhere else. Their website is The almond butter crunch was ok but I wouldn’t go and run out and buy more. I found it very sweet. I am happy I tried it though. #Buttercrunch Day
National Cheese Lovers Day – Cheese: A Love Story Documentary
Cheese: A Love Story is about Afrim Pristine; worlds youngest cheese master, who travels around the world and learns more about how other people handle and create their cheese experiences. It’s a must see as you will learn so much about different cheeses and the interesting people along the way. Just loved this series. We watched it on the Global TV app. #Cheese Lovers Day
National Disc Jockey Day – What We Started Documentary
This was a very interesting documentary. I believe some people have a talent to figure out what other people want. I especially loved watching the story about the youngest disc jockey, Martin Garrix. He never intended to become famous but he knew what people wanted. It’s also interesting how he keeps himself current. Loved the documentary. #Disc Jockey Day

Let’s see what tomorrow’s adventure will be…

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