Thursday, February 3, 2022 National Days: National Carrot Cake Day, National Day The Music Died, National Missing Person’s Day and National Women’s Physicians Day

February 3 National Days Are:
• National Carrot Cake Day, National Day The Music Died, National Missing Persons Day, National Women’s Physicians Day and Optimist Day – First Thursday In February

February 3 National Days We Celebrated:
• National Carrot Cake Day, National Day The Music Died, Missing Person’s Day and Women’s Physicians Day

National Carrot Cake Day – Metro Front Street Bakery Carrot Cake
We ate a Carrot cake from Metro Front Street Bakery. We all enjoyed it. I found it a bit sweet but it was delicious. My son said it was the best carrot cake her every had and that it was moist. That is saying a lot coming from him as he didn’t like carrot cake until now. #Carrot Cake Day
National Day The Music Died – The Buddy Holly Story
For National Day The Music Died, I watched The Buddy Holly Story. February 3rd is The Day The Music Died remembering Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson who died in an airplane accident February, 1959. The movie was quite enjoyable. I love documentary movies as it gives you more insight into things you had no idea about. It seems he went through quite a few obstacles in his life but was very determined to do things his way. If it weren’t for people like Buddy Holly, life would stand still and not progress. I loved this movie. Way to go Buddy for doing it your way. We rented this movie at our local library. #Day The Music Died Day
National Missing Persons Day – The Lady Vanishes Movie
We watched the Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Lady Vanishes for National Missing Persons Day. This movie is a typical Alfred Hitchcock movie. I love his style. The movie is a suspense/mystery film where a rich young girl realizes that an older lady seems to have disappeared from the train. Quite fun to watch. We were able to rent this movie on Apple TV Plus #Missing Persons Day
National Women’s Physician Day – Elizabeth Blackwell
I watched/read up on information about Elizabeth Blackwell for National Women’s Physician Day. She paved the path for many women and I thank her for that. Such an amazing role model. #Women’s Physician Day

Let’s see what tomorrow’s adventure will be…

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