Wednesday, June 15, 2022 National Days: Nature Photography Day

June 15 National Days Are:
• National Megalodon Day, Nature Photography Day, National Smile Power Day

June 15 National Days We Celebrated:
• Nature Photography Day

My Moon Garden with mother earth and a dragonfly for a new beginnings.
Aunt Marg’s memory garden. The turtle represents our clan and the girl represents Aunt Marg. We are indigenous people from Pabineau First Nation.
Mom’s memory garden. The Inukshuk is a symbol representing a sacred place. The red cardinal was my mom’s favourite bird. The bird feeder will have all the birds come all the time as mom moved birds. Cardinals appear when angels are here.
Dad’s memory garden. The boy in a baseball cap represents dad as he loved baseball. Life is what you make it.
Aunt Geraldine’s memory garden. The beginning of the rock gardens that are in progress in memory of Aunt Geraldine.
The family’s rock garden in progress.
The continuation of the family’s rock garden in progress.

Nature Photography Day – Our flower gardens

We thought we would take pictures of our flower gardens for #Nature Photography Day. Love my gardens.

Let’s see what tomorrow’s adventure will be…

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