Tuesday, June 21, 2022 National Days: National Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day

June 21 National Days Are:
• Go Skateboarding Day, National Arizona Day, National Daylight Appreciation Day, National Day Of the Gong, National Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day, National Selfie Day, National Smoothie Day, Anne and Samantha Day (Summer and Winter Solstice), National Seashell Day (First Day Of Summer), Summer Begins (Longest Day Of The Year)

June 21 National Days We Celebrated:
• National Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day

National Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day – Vanilla Ice Cream and Peaches

We ate vanilla ice cream with peaches for National #Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day. I would prefer the peaches and cream from the Winona Peach Festival. Maybe we will go to the festival this year on either Aug 26th, 27th or 28th.

Let’s see what tomorrow’s adventure will be…

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